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Author: Meghan Harris

Welcome to the Marrow NYC!

Welcome to the Marrow NYC!

Marrow NYC has been serving good German and Italian dishes for over two decades now. One thing you shouldn’t miss when you come to our place is our different lamb dishes. These are the favorite of our patrons who come here. Each dish produces a flavor that would retain to your taste buds and would keep you coming back for more. Aside from this, there is also house stout and the molasses-rich cake that was even featured in the New York’s “Best of” issue once. If that doesn’t scream high-quality dishes, we do not anymore know what does. Our food is simply amazing. They are made simple but flavorful. The artistic presentation is flawless without being overwhelming, and every bite would take you to heaven and back. As such, it is not anymore surprising how many people visit this place all year round. Almost every day, local residents are being pulled out of their garage doors in Nevada just to have a taste of what this place has to offer. The allure of The Marrow NYC is that strong.

When you come to The Marrow NYC, the first thing that you’d realize is how beautiful the place is. Antique furniture gracing every corner. The place is meticulously arranged to give off a homey ambiance. Even the music that flows softly in the background set the mood as you dine and eat. This instantly relaxes you together with the mouth-watering smell of food. When you are seated, you cannot help but insist on the food to be served promptly. That is the effect of our food to the people. Although our patrons’ favorite remains largely to be the lamb dishes, here we also have a wide selection of pasta and pizzas. All of these are homemade and made basically from scratch.

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Our recipes are hand-me-downs from our great-grandmother who had experienced residing both in Italy and Germany. From being a local serving crew who worked from one restaurant after another in those countries, she learned a lot when it comes to food preparations. This has also become the starting point of her dream of establishing a restaurant someday. She may not have fulfilled her dreams because she passed away early, here kids and grandkids saw to this dream for her. They used her recipes which has been the center of every family day back when she was alive. Fortunately, our patrons love it even if the flavor is more on the gourmet side than traditional German and Italian flavors. To date, The Marrow NYC has already gathered both local and international crowd due to its great-tasting food.

The Marrow NYC also accepts requests for catering services. We also host any type of events here and gatherings. For more information about this, you can reach to us via email. Our contact details are found at the Contact Us page.

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