“What I love about this place is their customer service. Yes, the food was great but it is their customer service that is incomparable. They are always ready to serve you with smiles on their faces without being too much that it would seem fake. They seem to genuinely enjoy the camaraderie they have at the restaurant. Plus, they can anticipate your needs even before you can call for them. The place is overall has a homey feel. This may be because the people treat each other like a family. Even the manager which I learned was one of the family members of the Giuseppe family and among The Marrow NYC’s original founder was very accommodating as he asks us about our enjoyment of the food that was served to us. It is good dining here every single time.”


“The Marrow NYC would introduce you to exquisite dining. Then, you’d never ask for any other again. You’d been warned. But what I would suggest all of you to try is their pesto. A simple dish, right? But they made it extra wonderful and even included some crushed nuts in it. If you are wondering how it would taste? Well, come to this place to experience it first hand because the taste simply cannot be explained. It is wonderful without being overwhelming. It would imprint the taste in your brain.”


“It was my first time to eat at The Marrow NYC. At first I never really understood the fuss, but when I tasted the food they offer, I was really impressed. They put a twist on every dish they serve to you. Just when you thought you already know what a specific dish tastes like, they come and change your perception of it. They are that good and you’d really keep coming back for more. I agree with other people who said the same thing here.”